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At Brainforest we believe that a novel approach is urgently needed to address the climate and biodiversity crises. We are leading the way by combining philanthropy and impact investments to create "Gigacorns" (a company that has achieved lowering or sequestering CO₂ emissions by 1GT while being commercially viable).

Our Venture

1 Problem Analysis
The first step to creating new solutions in our venture building process is to conduct a detailed problem identification and market exploration leveraging knowledge and research from key partners.
2 Ideation
In the ideation phase, we use problem analysis data to brainstorm and prioritize solutions, ensuring they align with the startup's mission, address a real problem, target a large market, and have significant impact.
3 Validation
The validation phase involves testing product viability and refining business foundations, followed by an investment committee review assessing team, market, innovation, traction, and impact.
4 Incorporation
Upon completing all stages and investment committee approval, the venture is officially founded and added to our portfolio, with continued support from us during the team formation and initial fundraising process.
5 Scale
As the startup builds its proof-of-concept, advances technology, recruits its team, and secures funding, we remain involved, providing sustained support towards their journey of raising a seed round.

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