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The Brainforest Biodiversity Lab

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Launched in January 2023, the Brainforest Biodiversity Lab is on a mission to monetize biodiversity in forests. Interested in learning more about our progress and future ventures? Keep scrolling and find out!


Problem Ident

Why focus on forest biodiversity?

It is increasingly clear that the unfolding ecological crisis we are facing requires a different approach to problem solving than tackling individual problems as they appear. The triple crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and food security are deeply entangled with each other and are interconnected with social, economic, political systems that hold them in place. In order to find a way to shift these mutually locked systems, we need to understand the underlying structures and patterns that hold them in place.


This is why Brainforest decided to bring a systems-based approach to understanding the economic, political and social systems around rainforests, in order to find areas of leverage where a relatively small intervention can force the system to shift itself in a way that shifts from causing biodiversity loss to generating positive forces which promote forest biodiversity. Before launching a call for new venture ideas, a diverse, multi-stakeholder, multi-perspective  online system-mapping workshop took place to co-create a map of the nested systems that produce the loss of biodiversity—specifically in Peru.

Systems Map

Loss of Biodiversity Systems Map

The below map is fully  consolidated map which was created based  on the work and conversations which took  place during the collaborative workshop of April 19th. The main themes discussed and  represented in the map include governance,  livelihood, markets, finance, and knowledge.

Use the map to lose yourself in the complex system that is generated by biodiversity loss in the context of Peru. As explained in the legend, you will notice that the majority of elements are "enablers" of biodiversity loss (represented in squares) while some "inhibitors" show positive actions that could/already contribute to improving the state of biodiversity (represented in circles).

Hover your mouse over a specific element to highlight which direct connections is is linked to.

This is the result of a collaborative work and comes with imperfections, if you wish to discuss this work with us or notice needed changes, reach out to

Call to Action

Call to Action

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We are looking for scalable technological solutions that allow for widespread and accurate ecological monitoring of forest biodiversity.


Are you

an entrepreneur

a biodiversity enthusiast

an ecological expert

with an idea that would address this challenge?


If yes, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!


Building scalable technological solutions to monitor forest biodiversity is hard and Brainforest wants create a successful venture, from start to scale, together with you! 
We work together with entrepreneurs in an 8 week program that will define the next venture we will build. 

Join us on this journey to co-develop your idea into a concrete business proposal. You will get to work side by side with industry experts, founders, entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to co-found our next venture!


Step 1 - Application

Submit your idea via the form on this page before June 30th 2023.

Step 2 - Cohort Selection Process

Several applicants will have the opportunity to share their ideas during a 45 min interview. The top ideas will be selected to continue in the 8-week program. 

Step 3 - 8 week program

The selected ideas will have 8 weeks to build the concept together with the Brainforest Biodiversity Lab venture builders. The objective will be to prepare a full pitch of the venture idea to Brainforest’s panel of experts.

Step 4 - Final Selection

The participants will pitch their venture idea to Brainforest’s panel of experts. The jury will select 1-2 projects which will be integrated into Brainforest as the next Biodiversity Lab venture(s)!

What we provide 

We partner up with you to build your idea into a for-impact for-profit venture which is ready-for-market. 


We will help poke holes in your case, define your market gap and identify your project milestones ahead of the final selection panel. You will do this as part of a select cohort of like-minded, driven individuals and you will benefit from our unique network of experts in various industries (top research experts, financial advisors, market advisors, unicorn entrepreneurs and more!).

Build with founders and experts

You will benefit from our unique network of experts in various industries. Successful Entrepreneurs, Top research experts, financial advisors, market advisors, and more!

De-Risk with a structured process

We validate critical assumptions of the business model, talk to first potential customers and define a go-to-market plan to increase the probability of success for the venture.

Build a company & raise capital

If selected to be our next venture, you will be onboarded as an Entrepreneur In Residence (EiR) with a living stipend for 6 months to get the venture off the ground.

What we expect

We encourage you to have an independent spirit, profound enthusiasm, and self-motivation for addressing the problem at hand. We expect you to:

  • Exhibit passion for constructing and achieving success with this solution.

  • Take initiative by seeking help or support when needed.

  • Be open to feedback and take an open minded approach to alternative suggestions.

  • Inspire others with your vision and unwavering faith in the future of your solution.

  • Allocate time to the program for the best possible results. We expect candidates to dedicate 10h/week during the 8 week program. Please note that the Brainforest team is located in Switzerland and will operate during European Central Time (CET) working hours. 




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Protecting forests is key as they harbor 80% of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity, and WWF’s Living Planet Report 2022 shows wildlife populations have declined by 69% in the past 50 years, expected to rise.

To prevent this, Brainforest and the Somaha foundation co-founded the Brainforest Biodiversity Lab. The Lab is working on creating market-driven solutions to generate revenues from ecosystem services for local forest communities, focusing on the need for biodiverse agroforestry systems and accurate and transparent measurements of biodiversity.

Would you like to join our mission and become a strategic partner or funder? Do not hesitate and reach out to us.

Together we will further regenerate and protect forests worldwide.

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